Sure enough, it’s a good thing I flew back when I did.  Skylar really did a number on her ankle and needed surgery asap.  Skateboard + Bump in the Road = OUCH!!!  She is resting comfortably for the most part, but she’s going to need mom until she is a lot more mobile and her pain level drops.

The thing about Sky is she absolutely loves carbs.  The first thing she wanted when she got settled after surgery was a big plate of extra-crispy tater-tots and some ketchup.  I will admit to stealing tator-tots from my post-op kid.  I did it.  They were crunchy and delicious.  What can I say?

Besides boatloads of tator-tots, ice cream seems to be another source of comfort for both of us right now.  I don’t eat ice-cream often, but Ben and Jerry’s new non-dairy flavors are amazing.  I allow myself a few sugary cheats here and there, and if there was any time for a cheat; this is it. I don’t always use a bowl.  Sometimes, I eat straight from the pint.  I was trying to be civilized, okay?

Another delicious, but sugary, treat we have been enjoying is Silk Dairy Free Yogurt.  I can find it in four flavors here…vanilla, blueberry, peach-mango, and strawberry.  The fruit parfait below is simply layers of a tropical fruit salad I threw together, then Silk Peach-Mango yogurt, and sliced almonds, topped with a blackberry.  I had kiwi, mango, and banana in the house, so I chopped them up, mixed them together, and called it a fruit salad.  It was quick and easy, but I should have cut the mango and banana chunks into smaller pieces.  They were a bit large to eat easily.