We love Mexican food.  Tacos, burritos, bowls, nachos…you name it, we like it.  As in, the whole family will eat it.  No one complains when I suggest a Mexican dish for dinner.  I like it because usually it ends up being a quick meal.  Last week, when we were visiting Sky in Saint Augustine, I wanted to cook for her as much as possible.  It’s the one thing I know she really misses about being away from home.  We threw some ideas around until I came up with Nachos.  Everyone jumped on board quickly, even Sky’s roommate up for it. I gathered up the ingredients and got started.  I am highlighting the olives because they are THE BOMB on nachos.  😀


I missed a few things in the photo above, because I had already started making the crumbles.  I added olive oil, finely chopped onion, and Beyond Beef Meaty Crumbles to a hot pan and fried until the crumbles were nice and brown all around. Then, added the Taco Seasoning per directions.  While Bruce stirred the crumbles, I chopped the tomato into small pieces.

Once your taco meat is ready, it’s time to layer your nachos.  I made two layers since it was for dinner and not just a snack.  Chips, meat mixture, shredded vegan cheese…then the same order again.  I didn’t use much of my shredded cheese on the bottom layer, so I went crazy on the top layer.  🙂

That pile of awesomeness goes into a 375 degree oven for 5 minutes.  Trust me, it doesn’t take long for vegan cheese to melt and the meat is already hot.

When it comes out, top it off.  I put tomatoes on the entire pile, but the black olives only on half.  Skylar doesn’t like them.  On top of that goes finely shredded iceberg.

That is one giant pile of nachos, but between the four of us, we finished it off.  I like mine with tofutti sour cream, but I leave that as a side, because not everyone in the family does.  Okay, so the photo on my plate doesn’t do the dish justice.  It may not look as pretty as I would like, but it tasted delicious.