Bruce came up to see us for Easter Weekend.  He has been taking care of things in Port St. Lucie while I take care of things in Saint Augustine.  The house is still being prepped for the market, and it’s nice to have him to rely on for that.  It was nice to see him and spend some family time over the weekend.  Rather than bring the car up, he decided to bring the RV, so the dogs could come with him.  Sadly, the boxer thinks that all cats are chew toys, so we have to keep them separated.  The dogs are always excited when they get to ride in the RV, so they certainly didn’t mind.  Dakota jumped right up into the passenger seat and made herself at home.

Bruce text me this adorable photo on the ride up.  She’s too cute for words.  Look at that tongue fold.  The first night he pulled into the Walmart on U.S. 1 in Saint Augustine and boon-docked.  It isn’t far from Sky’s apartment, so it worked well for the most part.  There are signs in the parking lot that say no overnight parking, but we stayed there all night and half of Saturday with no issues at all.  There was another Class-A rig, and several Class-B’s in the lot overnight, so I guess they don’t really enforce the policy.

We parked all the way out at the end of the lot closest to the road, so we weren’t interfering with other customers.  We kept the slides in so we didn’t look like we were setting up camp overnight.  The pro of this Walmart is the close proximity to many businesses and restaurants.  It’s also not far from downtown or the beaches.  The major con is the road noise.  Perhaps the traffic was heavier than usual because it was Friday night over Easter Weekend, but it was close to 3am before the noise quieted down.  We decided we had to move the unit for the second night.


We found a St. John’s RV Park near Exit 311 off of I95, which has lots of trees and plenty of space for the dogs to walk.  They had a spot left with water and 50amp power that worked, since we really don’t need a full hook up for a 24 hour stay.  It is minutes from Sky’s apartment, and since it is surrounded by trees, much quieter than the Walmart parking lot. We slept with the windows open all night, and didn’t hear the traffic from the highway at all.  They have dated laundry facilities, but the women’s bathroom is in the process of a remodel so it’s not too bad.

We will definitely stay at this park again.  It was super convenient, and quiet.  If you have dogs, the dog walking area is just huge.