We are finishing the last touches on well, everything, but I wanted to post the last bits about our tow vehicle.  We added a hood scoop (for looks more than anything, the hemi proves plenty of power).  It shipped to our doorstep and was easy to install as a team.  It was also a fun bonding moment for the two of us.  We didn’t use all the pieces in the second photo, because we didn’t screw down through the hood. Instead, we installed using the roll of double sided tape.

The most important thing when using double sided tape is to make sure both the hood and the underside of the scoop are clean.  That way it will hold well.  Then wipe the hood with adhesive bond enhancer. The red on the bottom of the hood is the double sided tape before we pulled the backing off.

We didn’t completely agree on where we wanted it, so we set it on the hood and moved it around until we found a compromise we both liked.  When we were ready to install, Bruce was in charge of holding the hood, while I made sure it was centered.  (He’s taller and I have a better eye for these things.) Once the tape touches, it’s game over, so we wanted to do it right the first time.  Happily, between the two of us, it ended up perfectly centered with no wonkiness.  To make sure it really stuck, we covered it with a towel and topped it with a bag of stones to weigh it down for about ten minutes.  It was rainy the day we did it and I was worried it wouldn’t really stick, but it worked out just fine.

I love the new look! The Commander looks so bad ass with the scoop and the roof rack.  It’s like driving a Tonka Truck.

We also had to have the connections for the Blue Ox connected under the front grill.  It took a day at the mechanic to get that installed.  We already had the tow connection on the back of the RV, so it was just a matter of setting the Commander up to connect in.  I really like the Blue Ox system.  It’s easy to connect and disconnect, and you almost can’t see it on front of the Jeep.  See what I mean?  You have to look SUPER close to see it!  Just love it!

Because we are planning to do some off-roading, we also bought an air jack that attaches to the exhaust pipe in case of emergency.  I read about it on another blog.  Actually, I loved his blog post so much that I really followed a LOT of his advice.  You can read his post here: How I Turned My Outback Into…

He recommended this Xjack and both Bruce and I loved the idea! It will stay in the back of the Commander along with the winch system for those “oops” moments.

Overall, I feel pretty happy with the Jeep set up.  We have a bike rack on the back, tire pressure and brakes are checked, and the dealership did a once-over for us just to be sure we are good to go.  🙂