Do you have those days where you are not that hungry so you don’t want a heavy meal or are just too busy to cook?  Or maybe those other days when you could happily eat everything in sight and then head to the refrigerator for more food? I have those days, but I figured out a solution that solves the dilemma.  Fresh crudites are a great way to make a light meal or snack between meals (when it’s one of those days).  They are healthy, filling, and so pretty!


I almost always include one or two types of hummus as a dipping sauce.  Everyone in the family likes hummus.  It’s dairy free and full of healthy goodness.  Our favorites include garlic, roasted red pepper, and pine nut.  Hummus not only goes well with fresh vegetables, it also tastes delicious with warm pita bread. (Set broiler on High, and broil store-bought pita bread for a few minutes on each side.)

You can make yourself a small snack just to get you through until your next meal…

or a giant platter for several people for a light dinner.  Add your favorite crackers for another texture.

You can also make an adult version of “Ants on a Log” with an English cucumber, hummus, thinly slice radishes, and fresh herbs.  Don’t be afraid to play with different flavor combinations.  I added sesame seeds on top of this one, because I used edamame hummus.