Sometimes things happen that change travel plans.  For instance, sometimes you have another ten days planned in the Abacos, but your daughter breaks her ankle skateboarding.  (Sh)it happens.  For me, this meant catching the first available flight back to the States, dropping the dogs off with the sitter, then driving to Saint Augustine to get to my daughter.  Luckily, we fly with , and they are very accommodating when we need to change flights.  There was no extra charge for the change, and they got me home as quickly as possible. They are also awesome with our dogs, even our boxer who thinks she is a lapdog and insists on being held for half of the flight.

When your child is sick or hurt, you just want to be there to take care of them, even if they are 19 and in college.  I am so grateful that my lifestyle allows me to change my plans last minute.  I don’t want to imagine what this situation would have been like had I been working as someone else’s employee.  As it is, I have my computer and wifi, so life is good and I have the ability to be with her until she is back on her feet, literally.

I had time to clean and put everything back where it belongs, and take a walk on the beach before my taxi arrived to take me to the airport.  I love this place, and the tranquility I always feel when I am here.  We keep a little note on the refrigerator at the Crabby Shack that says:  “Smile, you’ll be back soon!”.  It makes leaving a little easier.

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