Good afternoon, Blog Peeps!  I had the opportunity to join some of the people I work with online at an event at Coronado Springs Resort at Disney in Orlando Florida for a few days so I jumped at the chance.  Online marketing has changed my life and provided me with the financial freedom I had always wanted, and I only want to get better at what I do.  In order to do that, I am surrounding myself with gurus, mentors, coaches, and other like-minded people.  Luckily, I get to do that in a beautiful location! This is my amazing team at the Meet and Greet with the founder of the company.

Being at the event means I won’t be posting again until the weekend, since my days are full of amazing speakers.  I’m taking a ton of notes, and my brain is desperately trying to soak up all the information.  I am writing this over lunch break, and still have about 45 minutes before I need to be back for the next speaker.  Since I have the time, I am going to talk about lunch today.

I ate at Las Ventanas inside Coronado Springs main building.  It is one of five restaurants at the resort.  There are three other eateries in the immediate vicinity of Las Ventanas and one at the main pool.  Disney always provides at least one vegan option on their menus, or at the very least a vegetarian option that can be modified to accommodate vegans.  Last night at the Meet and Greet the chef was kind enough to make me veggie skewers since there were no vegan options available at any of the stations.  I have to apologize for forgetting to take a photo of them.  They were quite pretty and delicious.  Each had a tomato,  an artichoke heart and an olive.  I was enjoying the party, and didn’t get a photo.  I will do better!

Back to lunch, the Soba Noodle Bowl I chose was good.  I will not say great, because it just wasn’t.  I did enjoy the fresh herbs and jalapeno slices, since they really brightened up an otherwise dull and boring dish.  I would have really enjoyed some kind of vegan protein like tofu or tempeh, but the restaurant doesn’t have it as an option.  I am going to contact Disney about that, because I know they want their customers to have the best experiences, and I feel like they will respond positively.  Since it is the only thing on the menu that is vegan friendly besides salad, I guess I will recommend it; but it’s not a dish I will rave about to anyone. I will rave about the resort and the event though.  I’ve had so much fun, met great people, and learned a ton in the last day and a half!  I am so grateful to have found such a amazing, people oriented company to work with.