I love breakfast.  It has always been my favorite meal of the day, even when I was a kid.  Since I have been in St. Augustine, I haven’t been making my usual loaded oatmeal bowls for breakfast. Sky isn’t a fan of oatmeal.  It’s a texture thing for her.  She’s been requesting open face egg sandwiches, since she still pescotarian.  Between taking care of her, running a blog and an online business, I’ve been pretty busy.   I wanted to try to make something for myself that wouldn’t be too far from what she is eating.  This saves me time in the morning, especially the days I am driving her to campus.  My solution was the Sunny Side Up Tofu Sandwich.  I’ve made it most mornings since I’ve gotten here, and really enjoy it.  I think it is going to be one of my new go-to breakfast ideas.

The nice thing about having this for breakfast is the balance of protein and healthy carbs.  I found a new brand of bread at Target called “Eureka!” and love both Sweet Baby Grains and Grainiac.  It makes a solid base for the sandwich so you only need one slice.  When prepared this way, the tofu has a nice mouth-feel and reminds me of a softly fried egg omelet when prepared this way.  I don’t have any of the Indian pepper a lot of vegan blogs are raving about to give the egg-flavor to the sandwich (probably because I can never remember the name of it).  Luckily, you really don’t need it, because the new Hellmann’s Vegan Mayonnaise gives plenty of egg flavor to this sandwich.  If you use different bread or different tofu when you try this recipe that’s perfectly fine, but I highly recommend using Hellmann’s brand Vegan Mayonnaise if you are looking to mimic the flavor of an egg sandwich.

This meal takes about 5-10 minutes to make depending what you want on the side.  I’ve been playing with cucumber salad and tomatoes, broccoli, and Field Roast breakfast sausages.  I like savory sides with this sandwich personally.  You are going to need a toaster, a frying pan, and some paper towels to make this.  I start by slicing my tofu into approximately 1/2 inch slices, maybe a little thinner, but close.  I am not super neat about it and it still comes out just fine, so don’t worry if your cuts aren’t straight.  After this, I press the tofu between some folded paper towels to remove excess moisture.

After that, you will want to season your tofu.  I sprinkle the top side with salt, pepper, paprika, and turmeric.  I don’t measure, I just sprinkle.  If a clump of turmeric falls out, just spread it out a bit with your finger.  Place your tofu, seasoned side down, in a frying pan on medium-low heat.  I spray my pan with a bit of oil, so the tofu won’t stick.  While your tofu is frying, sprinkle the top side of your tofu with more of the same seasoning and toast up a slice of bread.


You want to fry your tofu until it has a nice golden brown look to it.  Then flip it and do the same to the other side.  Once you flip your tofu, add a small handful of non-dairy cheese on top so it starts to melt. It can take a bit for the cheese to melt, so I don’t wait.  If you have a lid for your pan, you can put it over the top.  That will speed up the melting process.   While you are waiting, pull your toast from the oven and spread a decent layer of mayo on it.


Once your tofu is golden brown on both sides and your cheese has melted, transfer your tofu onto your bread.  I pick up both pieces with my big spatula at the same time.  The tofu doesn’t stick if you put a little oil spray or butter in the pan.  The thing I like about the nasoya tofu I use it that two slices fit perfectly onto the square bread I use.  If you buy the bigger loaf with the rectangular shape, you may want to fry three slices of tofu instead of two.  After that, add your choice of sides and breakfast is served!


  • Extra firm tofu, sliced and pressed
  • One slice grainy bread, toasted
  • Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo
  • Vegan Cheddar Shreds
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Paprika
  • Turmeric

Try using other spices or fresh herbs if you like.  I am going to try some garlic powder next time.  One morning, I added chopped cilantro to my sandwich. I also think layering thinly sliced cucumbers between the mayo and the tofu would be delicious.  It just occurred to me that I should try it with a vegan sausage patty someday.  Experiment with the idea and let me know how I can improve my recipe!