Leaving Out

So the time finally arrived.  The house is up for sale and we are actually on our Road Trip!  (Actually, we have been on the road for over a week now, stopping on our way out to visit family and friends here and there.)

Getting ready wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but between the two of us, we managed it.  I was in charge of packing and organizing food and clothing while Bruce worked on the interior.  In the front of the unit, he changed out the old TV for a flat screen.  He even made sure to match the stain to the wood already in the RV.  He knows I am a little OCD about things like that.  Gotta love a man who cares.


In the back, he pulled the old TV and made a cabinet.  It added so much storage space in the back room.  We don’t watch TV in the bedroom anyway, so it was a good trade for me.  I was able to fit extra blankets, movies, and other odds and ends in there.

My favorite upgrade is the new larger, rectangular table.  There was a smaller circular table in the space that was fine for eating, but would not work as office space.  Since I work from my laptop, I wanted a “desk” for the days when I have several hours of serious work to put in.  I love that I can earn money from a beach chair, but sometimes, you just need a solid surface to spread out on.  He found and ordered the table top and installed it on the original base.  I just love my new “office”.  🙂

Before we started loading, we pulled everything out and cleaned thoroughly.   I added contact paper in the drawers.  I think it looks beautiful.   Once, that was finished we put things back exactly where we wanted them.  This way we know what is in the rig and where it is.  My grandmother always said, “a place for everything and everything in its place”.  I figured it was a good way to go about organizing.

We used a lot of bins and storage containers to keep things organized in the overhead and undercarriage compartments.  I found a solutions to my shoe “problem” (not a problem for me…I need shoes, people).

Overall, I am happy with everything.  I am sure we will make adjustments throughout our travels, but at least we are starting out organized and tidy.  I like things that way.  🙂