The first time I tried tofu scramble was at a restaurant, and I fell in love with the idea.  I could finally enjoy something close to scrambled eggs for breakfast.  It was tasty, full of of veggies, and made me want to learn to cook it myself.  I started looking around the internet for recipes, and found a few good ones on my favorite site Pinterest.  I tried a couple different ones until I came up with my own recipe.

Since I tried so many recipes, I realized there was no right or wrong way to make it.  I figured out how easy it was to change it up depending on the ingredients I have on hand.  I can also easily adapt when I am serving people who don’t necessarily enjoy all the veggies or spices that I do.  This is working out really well on the road trip, because I can’t always find the “normal” ingredients that I use.  Typically, I like to throw in onions, garlic, asparagus, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. This is no big deal in a full size kitchen where storage isn’t an issue, but the RV kitchen isn’t all that large.

What I have realized, however, is storing a lot of veggies in a very small space isn’t so easy.  Both the refrigerator and the “pantry” in the RV are less than half the size I was used to at home.  So, I started looking for other options.  I now buy very small packages or pre-cut veggies when I can.  I also keep my eye out for interesting veggie mixes that I can throw into my scramble.

I found a mix at a grocery store, and immediately knew it would work great for a scramble.  It had eight different veggies and the colors were gorgeous! I also found out that Nasoya has new package that splits the usual block of tofu in half.  I was so very happy to find that!  I rarely use an entire block at once, but half or a quarter block is perfect for me.  Now, I don’t have to worry that the part I didn’t use will get weird before I have time to get to it.

One thing I hate to go without are onions and garlic… ever.  I will use powders in an absolute pinch, and I do keep them on hand just in case, but I keep onions and garlic in my kitchen at (almost) all times.  They are good for ones health, but the truth is I just love the flavor they bring to a dish.  Those two are a must for tofu scramble,  if you don’t have those, you will need them.  You will also need the following spices Turmeric, Cumin, Coriander, and Paprika.  I used Garlic Powder, because I couldn’t find my tube of Garlic in the fridge.  It may be is a little messy in there at the moment.

I usually add Curry as well, but I ran out and it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have it.  Also, if you absolutely hate one of theses spices feel free to leave it out.  It’s fine.  I really recommend the turmeric and paprika.  They add a lovely flavor and a nice color to the dish. You will also need to add Salt and Pepper to taste.  First chop up your onions and brown them in your pan.  Then add your garlic (if you have it on hand).  Cook one more minute, then add a cup of your veggie mixture.  (I used the one above, but you can choose any mix you like, just make sure they are all chopped about the same size so they cook at the same time.)

Cook until your vegetables are crisp, tender.  About 3-5 minutes.  Aren’t the colors so pretty? After that you will crumble half of a block of firm (or extra firm) tofu into the center of the pan and shake your spices over the tofu.  I will admit that I no longer measure much of anything.  I am going to guess that I put around a half teaspoon of each spice on top.  You can start there and add more if you like deeper flavors.  The first recipe I ever tried said to put a TABLESPOON of each for one block of tofu.  I almost couldn’t eat it, but to each their own.

Let that cook for about 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.  It will begin to look like scrambled eggs with veggies, but it will taste even better.  I usually start preparing whatever I am having on the side around this time.  Throw your toast in the toaster and prep your side salad, etc.

This morning, I was in the mood for some pea shoots on my salad.  They are so sweet and delicious.  I added some Earth Balance butter to my toast and balsamic vinaigrette to my salad, and breakfast was served.