Today, I am following up with the post I mentioned before about where to purchase vegan food in the Abacos, specifically Marsh Harbor.  While there are two grocery stores in Treasure Cay, I usually head to Marsh Harbor because there is more selection.  The three main stores to find vegan groceries in Marsh Harbor are Maxwell’s, Abaco Asian Market, and Healthy Way Nutrition Center.

Maxwell’s is a pretty large grocery store located off the main strip.  They have a large selection of fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, etc. They also have a large selection of Bob’s Red Mill Products.  I also can find quinoa, couscous, etc. at this store.  If you ask, they won’t know what you are talking about, but it’s there; just take your time to search the shelves and you will be pleasantly surprised.  The boat that brings supplies to Maxwell’s comes in on Wednesdays, which means the store is pretty well stocked Thursday through Saturday.  By Tuesday, the shelves can be absolutely bare depending on the time of year you visit.  They carry non-dairy milk and creamer, but if you absolutely need your coffee creamer take some with you when you go.  I couldn’t find Silk Creamer the first two weeks of my current stay.  It would come in and be completely gone before I could buy any.  Luckily, I took two boxes of Silk Soy (Vanilla nor Original) with me, so I didn’t have the grumps for two weeks.

Another thing about Maxwell’s is they do not carry a lot of vegan protein substitutes.  They also do not carry vegan butter.  They have plenty of Morning Star products, but MS products are vegetarian, so it doesn’t do me any good.  They do have vegan Boca burgers, black bean burgers and tofu, but that’s about it.  I personally pack a cooler if we are going to be there for longer than a weekend.  It gets filled to the top with Silk creamer, Gardein, Tofurkey, Beyond Meat, and Daiya Cheese (unfortunately, I forgot cheese this trip).  This is particularly true when we know we will be staying for a month or longer.

If I run out of vegan protein subs, I can find canned versions at Healthy Way Nutrition Center.  They aren’t great, but they are edible in a jam.  The shelves look very bare when you walk in, but don’t be discouraged.  Look through her selection, and you will find vegan protein shakes and more.  She also carries Earth Balance butter, though I wouldn’t rely heavily on this since it is often out of stock.  Another thing I like about this place, is that she always has prepared hot vegan food in her little cafe.  She makes soups, lasagnas, and more.  Her menu changes all the time.  Last time I was there she had vegan banana bread for sale, and it was pretty tasty.

A store I recently discovered is the Abaco Asian Market, run by Johnny Cash and his wife, Rapeepan.  According to Johnny, the store was Rapeepan’s idea.  She is an amazing cook and gardener.  Her kim chee, soups, and spring rolls are available for purchase in the store, just verify ingredients before purchasing! They also have an assortment of fresh vegetables grown in her garden in the back.  This is where I found the canned jackfruit for my BBQ sandwiches (see earlier post).  They also have a large stock of rice, gluten free food, and a decent selection of vegan snacks.  For updates on what is happening in the store, you can visit them at

I hope this post is helpful for vegans planning to visit the Abaco island chain in the Bahamas.  If you have not been to the Abacos, I highly recommend it.  There are plenty of hotels and beach house rentals.  Boat rentals are also easy to come by for those of you who enjoy snorkeling off of Great Guana Cay or want to head to No Name Cay to feed the pigs.  Dive excursions are available, and the beaches are beautiful.  Please comment if you have any questions, or if you have been to the area and have other suggestions for finding vegan food in the area.