Growing up in a Mennonite household meant a lot of delicious desserts.  One of those was Strawberry-Rhubarb Crunch.  I have always love the sweet but tart taste of rhubarb.  When I got to Washington, I realized that my sister had rhubarb cleaned and diced in her fridge.  I immediately decided to bake something with it.

Hope pulled out her Mennonite Cookbook and we went for it.  The recipe does not call for strawberries, but I had to include them.  I replaced half of the rhubarb the recipe called for with strawberries.

I simply used vegan ingredients to replace the dairy and butter, and we were good to go. Mix the first half of the ingredients per the recipe, I would recommend adding a little bit of coconut oil to the crumble.  The Earth Balance didn’t seem to moisten it enough, and a TBSP of coconut oil added a nice flavor.


Half this mix gets pressed into the bottom of your pan like a crust.  After that mix the strawberry and rhubarb together and add over the bottom crust.

Then you will cook the glaze that goes over the fruit.  I stirred almost constantly, but my sister said to stir occasionally instead.  That helped it thicken faster.

It should get pretty clear, but the vanilla will give it a slightly brown color, so don’t wait for it to be completely clear. It should look like this:

The glaze goes over the fruit, then top with the remainder of the crumb mixture.

Yes, I am a messy baker and cook.  Don’t judge me.  Also, bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.  This is what you will get when you are done.  Give it time to rest or it will be very liquidy.  I made that word up, but it fits.  Just trust me…give it about 20 minutes to an hour to reabsorb the liquid.